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West Coast Armoury

Reliquary: 7.5 Inch Wide Imperialis Symbol (Winged Skull)

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Close to 7.5 Inch Wide Imperialis Symbol (Winged Skull) laser cutout in 16 gauge brass or 16 gauge stainless steel.  These are perfect enhancements for your armour, project, costume, or cosplay.  Normally arrives to you fresh from the laser, and you get to finish and polish it up to your liking, or you can have us put a quick polish on it for you for a nominal fee.  If none are left in stock it'll take a week or two before we get more done normally. 1/8 inch mounting holes.  The base item is the skull and wings as one piece but as an option, you can order an extra skull for layering above for the 3d effect.  You can also alternate materials for a distinctive look.  Ideal for mounting across chest or shoulder armour.

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