About Us


For over 30 years we have been supplying the SCA and other medieval martial arts groups throughout the world, assisting 1000's of fighters get into their sports.  We've had our ups and down, economic crashes due to terrorist attacks, housing crises, pandemics, but we're still here.  

Nowadays we pick and choose what we work on and make sure not to get behind.   Our focus is the fighters and we try to bring an improved line of products to them.  We love fighting, plain and simple and it's the only reason we're still doing this.

So if you're looking at getting something in stock or something made just for you, send us a message.  Normally we have a short build time and it's only 20% down unless it's something super custom.

See you on the field,

-Brand Lancaster

West Coast Armoury


the Fighters come First.

For decades West Coast Armoury has supplied gear to thousands of fighters around the world, whether in the SCA, HMB, or other medieval combat sports.

Our focus is on Performance armour, weapons, and accessories that just happen to look good.

First and Foremost we are Fighters. So our gear is made for fighting.